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Who is this travel blog for?

  • You love adventures.
  • You think traveling is for rich people (which isn’t true).
  • You want to travel solo but find it daunting.
  • You feel like your weak passport is stopping you from traveling the world.
  • You want to travel and live in different corners of the world and explore long-term travel.
  • You are bored or not interested in traveling like a tourist and want to explore offbeat places and experiences.

Traveling the world costs a fortune or so we have been told.

about me

Raksha Rao - About Me

Hola! I’m Raksha Rao, chief travel blogger at The Roving Heart and I welcome you to this piece of the internet that I call home!

Traveling puts me out of my comfort zone frequently, and I have ended up trying adventures I never thought I would like bungee jumping, for instance.

I love long-term solo travel — something I never thought I’d be doing when I was growing up. Especially coming from a small-town middle-class family.

Here are my favorites:

Solo trip to Europe for 3 months on a budget

Solo Trip to Central Asia for 2 Months

I’ve spent time and money figuring out different avenues to travel and making it a way of life.

Let me help you realise your travel dream and fill your life with exciting adventures!

Much Love,

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