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About Me

Raksha Rao

Hi, I am Raksha Rao. I am a passionate traveler, photographer and an engineer by profession. I have always loved new travel experiences. However, it reached a whole new level when I took off for a Himalayan trek in May 2015 – it made me realise how totally gratifying travel can be. Since then, I have traveled near and far, as much as I can,  always looking for new and immersive adventures.

Be it trekking on snow in the mighty Himalayan range, bungee jumping with a river view in Rishikesh, cliff jumping or scuba diving in the emerald blue waters of Thailand, high-altitude river rafting at the freezing cold rivers of Zanskar in Leh – my propensity for new experiences is ever growing as is my wishlist.

My undying love for traveling instilled in me a deep love for photography. Not so long ago, I bought a DSLR to document my travels on the road and now, I have been doing just that and I’m hooked on to the wonderful world of Instagram. One more reason to travel. Don’t you think? (haha). I have had this dream for a long time of starting a travel blog but owing to the overwhelming things to be done in the process and my well known procrastination skills – had always kept me on the bay. The closer I came to blogging was writing on a popular travel community site from time to time. However, when I won a social media contest organized by Tourism Authority of Thailand for an epic trip to Thailand, I finally decided to make the transition to a travel blogger.

Till now, my corporate job has funded my travels and I have squeezed as many trips as possible out of a full time job. My trips have always been busy and sleep deprived to a point that I once felt that I would have to take a vacation from my vacation(haha). Although, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m always passionate about learning new things. I have learned hip-hop, salsa and contemporary dance styles, swimming, trading, photography, marketing, writing and now blogging and SEO. Out of all the things I have tried over the years, travel and photography have stuck with me the longest. So, guess it’s here to stay 🙂

This blog would be focused on how to make the most out of a vacation, sharing travel stories and highlights, adventures and misadventures, lesser-known locations, life-enriching travel experiences, budget travel, responsible travel, road trips and much more.

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