2017 – Favourites

Date: Feb 17, 2018

2017 – Favourites

2017 was a good year for travel and here is a summary of 2017 in pictures.

Taj Green Cove in Kovalam ensconced with serenity. As part of the Golden Chariot train tour.

When the sun casts a pinkish hue across the blue sky 💕 Sunsets at Kovalam beach are nothing short of breathtaking!
As part of the Golden Chariot train tour.

Nalpaaka restaurant Golden chariot train

Royalty galore aboard the Golden Chariot train. On the same lines as Palace on wheels of Rajasthan, the Golden Chariot is the only luxury train in South India. It is altogether a different world in itself! Sometimes, the journey is much better than the destination!

Wild Mahseer – An award-winning heritage homestay with an old world charm that puts most of the characterless 5-star hotels to shame. Ideal for botanic and tea lovers!

Living root bridges Meghalaya
Living root bridges near Mawlynong

Living root bridges of Meghalaya are nothing short of an engineering marvel. Cherrapunji is home to many living root bridges.

Nohkalikai Waterfalls

Nokhalikai falls with the tallest plunge in India as part of my Cherrapunji travels.

bamboo retreat rumtek gangtok hotels

Bamboo Retreat – A rejuvenating Bamboo and Buddhist themed boutique hotel near Gangtok off the tourist radar. Perfect for someone looking for a health and wellness vacation.


The Maldives has one of the best beaches I have ever seen but the best part about the Maldives is underwater.

Winter treks are an experience in itself and with views of Kedarkantha, it was a total package.

one earth royale hotel Mussoorie in a day

I pride myself on finding interesting finds everywhere I go and One Earth Royale was no different. It had me right with the views. One of the two hotels in Mussoorie, with a view from sunrise to sunset, all year round!

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